Sonogramma Podcast #1

by Symphocat



We know from science that spectrograms (sonograms) are used to identify speech, analyze animal sounds, and are used for analysis in various fields of music, radio and sonar, in speech processing, and seismology. Sonogramma Podcasts can be considered as a meditative immersion in the depths of oneself in the desire to ask questions and find answers.In the first episode of the podcast, a compilation devoted to the isolation period will be presented. A mix from SSI label curator Ilia Symphocat will conduct a music tour of tracks from various albums released in recent years where you will hear the most diverse shades of experimental electronics of the Russian local scene. Sonogramma Episode #1 includes compositions by Lifeless, Invertropol, Symphocat, Retablo, S.A.M., Abjective, Sistal, Waveskania, Substak, Dreamlock, Vitaly Lalia. Mixed & compilated by Ilia Symphocat.

mix by Symphocat


Lifeless - Who Are You
Invertropol - Amphitrite
CH40 - Breath
Symphocat - Simurgh (piano by Hesam Rahmani)
Retablo - Aurial
Waveskania - Superposition
Dreamlock - Mute Tales
Sistal - R5
S.A.M. - Romp In The Forest Litter
Abjective - Near (​^​Parametric Modeling)
Vitaly Lalia - West-East
Substak - Phobos


released May 10, 2020


Online Channel: www.CultKitchen.Radio
Link to Podcast:

Artwork by Ilia Pucheglazov /
Simphonic Silence Inside /


all rights reserved



Simphonic Silence Inside Russia

Russian music label release albums of Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Contemporary, Electronic music and conducts a program of Audio-Visual concerts. SSI label was opened as music community in southern city Rostov-on-Don in 2007. Nowadays based in Saint-Petersburg.

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