Sonogramma Podcast #10

by Abjective



In the tenth anniversary edition of the Sonogramma podcast dedicated to Ambient and experimental music, from the label Simphonic Silence Inside, the curator of the podcast, Ilia Symphocat invites you to listen to a compilation made up of compositions from the project Abjective. Where behind it is standing the media artist and multi-instrumentalist Vadim Pantin from St. Petersburg.

The Abjective music project started in 2009 and was conceived as an idm project, although over time the musician's interests have expanded from ambient to noise and from avant-garde to neoclassical. Vadim's music is based on different concepts and approaches to sound recording, which is clearly reflected in the sound of the published albums. In creativity, sensitivity, awe and lightness of being converge, but on the other hand, there is overcoming, hysteria, a broken spirit, destruction, confusion, breathing for rebirth. According to the author, the music in the project Abjective is like a conversation about eternity.

The tenth Sonogramma podcast includes ten songs by Abjective from the "Cyclone" album series released on the Unline label, as well as from the albums “Prismatic Pyramid” and “Pure Coding At Search Paradise More Nothing” released on the Simphonic Silence Inside label.

Mix by Abjective

01 Abjective - Cyclogenesis (Epilogue)
02 Abjective - Shine of Darkness
03 Abjective - The Matrix of Sea
04 Abjective - Hypercube Spirit
05 Abjective - Interlude
06 Abjective - Prismatic Pyramid (Interpolation)
07 Abjective - Mnemonium Person8 (Age Immortal)
08 Abjective - Argentum
09 Abjective - Lunitarity
10 Abjective - Ghostly kiss


released March 12, 2021


Online Channel: CultKitchen.Radio
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Artwork by Ilia Pucheglazov /
Simphonic Silence Inside /


all rights reserved



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