Sonogramma Podcast #3

by Symphocat



In the new episode of Sonogramma Podcast, we invite all listeners to a musical journey into Ambient, Experimental, Drone, and Field Recordings. The third podcast will be saturated with a meditative states and shades of attention, as well as electro-acoustic searches with a touch of industrial fields. The curator of the Simphonic Silence Inside label, Ilia Symphocat, will showcase musicians and artists from different regions of the Russian, Ukrainian and Iranian experimental and ambient scenes. In this compilation you can get acquainted with the works of the Arkhangelsk-Moscow band The Ringing Emptiness, electronic musician and sound designer Infravert from Tambov, followed by a masterful collage from the Ukrainian duo Bad News from Cosmos from Odessa and pensive ambient from the mysterious Brk.The middle part of the mix will include the Rostov based project M.I.N.O.R., the live opus simultaneously recorded by 4 musicians (Dreamlock, Symphocat, Aveorm, Vitaly Lalia), which will be followed by the soundscapes of the recently disbanded Ukrainian duo Art Electronix from Krivoy Rog, as well as the southern noise from 98 Stereomono and lyrical collage from Alexander Selivanov. At the end of the compilation, you will hear a song by Dmitri Børn, curator of the label Unline, previously released under the project Unlogic Thing, followed by an improvisational field recording collage “One Peculiar Campfire” from previously mentioned M.I.N.O.R. project, which was fully recorded in real time from one take, around a cozy campfire in nature. Final compositions of the mix include tracks from Symphocat's album called Cncntrt, which was repeatedly supported by Zoviet France, and the works of Iranian ambient musician and director Hesam Rahmani, which gradually flows into the rain field recording from Symphocat.

mix by Symphocat

The Ringing Emptiness – Fatal Familial Insomnia
Infravert – Face of Consequence
Bad News From Cosmos – Ping-Pong in The Darkness
Brk – Scape 1
M.I.N.O.R. – On The Lurk
Art Electronix – Formant Vapor
98 Stereomono – 10000 Cups of Coffee
Alexander Selivanov – Fragment
Unlogic Thing – Zero Point
M.I.N.O.R. – One Peculiar Campfire
Symphocat – Cncntrt 4
Aveorm – Ulas J1120+0641
Hesam Rahmani – Flowing Dreams


released July 12, 2020


Online Channel: CultKitchen.Radio
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Artwork by Ilia Pucheglazov /
Simphonic Silence Inside /


all rights reserved



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Russian music label release albums of Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Contemporary, Electronic music and conducts a program of Audio-Visual concerts. SSI label was opened as music community in southern city Rostov-on-Don in 2007. Nowadays based in Saint-Petersburg.

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