4 [ssi​-​080]

by M.I.N.O.R.

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M.I.N.O.R. - Experimental music project from Rostov-on-Don is based on 5 components, 5 coordinates of the musical sound of the band. Mind, Instinct, Nature, Organica, Rhythm. Musicians do not hone each song for a long time before recording, do not break the process into parts and timing, but rather tracks are born in spontaneous jam sessions or improvisation at studio. It is a journey through the General consciousness of the four participants: Aveorm, Dreamlock, Vitaly Lalia, Symphocat.


M.I.N.O.R. - Экспериментальный проект из Ростова-на-Дону в основе, которого стоит 5 компонентов, 5 координат, 5 составляющих музыкального звучания коллектива. Mind – Сознание, Instinct – Инстинкт, Nature – Природа, Organica – Органика, Rhythm – Ритм. Участники группы не оттачивают каждую композицию в течение длительного времени перед записью, не разбивают процесс на части и хронометраж, а скорее треки рождаются в спонтанных джем-сейшнах или импровизациях в студии. Это путешествие сквозь общее сознание четырех участников в лице проектов Aveorm, Dreamlock, Vitaly Lalia, Symphocat.



cat: 080
label: simphonic silence inside
genre: ambient, experimental
date: 2011
full time: 92:43

01 cafe transparence
02 triangulation by time
03 the future well forgotten
04 aztec glyph plane


released December 25, 2011

music by M.I.N.O.R. / minorband.bandcamp.com

Dreamlock / www.soundcloud.com/dreamlock
Vitaly Lalia / vitalylalia.bandcamp.com
Symphocat / symphocat.bandcamp.com
Aveorm / www.aveorm.bamdcamp.com

artwork Ilia Pucheglazov / facebook.com/ilia.symphocat
label Simphonic Silence Inside / ssirec.bandcamp.com


all rights reserved



Simphonic Silence Inside Russia

Russian music label release albums of Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Contemporary, Electronic music and conducts a program of Audio-Visual concerts. SSI label was opened as music community in southern city Rostov-on-Don in 2007. Nowadays based in Saint-Petersburg.

Link to electronic music releases: ssirecords.bandcamp.com
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