Sonogramma Podcast #9

by Symphocat



The ninth edition of the Sonogramma podcast, dedicated to Ambient, Experimental and Electronic music, offers to listen to a mix from the curator of the label Simphonic Silence Inside, Ilia Symphocat, mixed of tracks previously released on SSI. The closely woven sound compilation includes the works of such musicians and projects as Mono Tape, Sistal, Notnotice, Abjective, S.A.M., Waveskania, Retablo, CH40 and the work by author of the mix.

Simphonic Silence Inside (SSI) was founded in 2007 in the southern city Rostov-on-Don, combining the qualities of a community that unites creative people and develops the local scene and invites foreign artists, a promo group that creates audio-visual concerts, festivals, show cases, as well as a digital label that publishes albums on streaming services from musicians from all over Russia and Europe. The social vector of SSI remains unchanged to this days, the label moved to St. Petersburg, and is based in the art center “Pushkinskaya-10”, and holding concerts of ambient and experimental music in the walls of the Museum of Sound / ESG-21.

Mix by Symphocat

Mono Tape - Origin
Sistal - R1
Notnotice - Mental Expedition One (63°04'00.2N 151°00'30.2W)
Symphocat - Distant Echoes
Abjective - Lirreya VCOgranular Syntax 1.5
SAM - Forenoon
Waveskania - Decay City
Symphocat - Warm Red
Retablo - Rvrs
Mono Tape - Above
CH40 - Distant Lights
Waveskania - Atomic Angels


released February 9, 2021


Online Channel: CultKitchen.Radio
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Artwork by Ilia Pucheglazov /
Simphonic Silence Inside /


all rights reserved



Simphonic Silence Inside Russia

Russian music label release albums of Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Contemporary, Electronic music and conducts a program of Audio-Visual concerts. SSI label was opened as music community in southern city Rostov-on-Don in 2007. Nowadays based in Saint-Petersburg.

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